Thursday, July 31, 2014


My favorite caption series of mine to date as far as the writing goes. Let me know what you think about it!

Girl: Anjelica

New Wife

Girl: Scarlet Red

World Cup

Inspired after watching some world cup matches ;)

Girl: Riley Reynolds

Role Play Hotel 3

A new gurl starts working at the Role Play Hotel...

Girl: Sophia Smith

Role Play Hotel 2

Girl: Jade Adele

Role Play Hotel

Another series that can probably continue quite a bit. The best part is I can keep the same fiction but switch up the gurl involved. Definitely a hot caption series.

Girl: Jade Adele

Dress Up 2

Wanted to continue this series but kind of ran out of ideas, lol ;)

Girl: Lynn Pops

Taken Advantage Of

I fell in love with this ass. Too bad I'm told she didn't do very many photo sets.

Girl: Nicole Grey

Virtual Reality Playground

This is one of my favorite stories that I've done because it could be expanded on a LOT.

Main Girl: Allie James
VR Girl: Lylith Lavey