Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lost Bets

Some quick ones I did, was kinda busy doing something else while writing them ;)


  1. Greetings, Afterdark.
    I'm "Elle". And, although my preferences revolve around full, magical/chemical/scientific transformation, I cannot help but respond to your invitation to comment if we like your work.

    So toward that end, and despite not being a fan of 'wrong-end-entry' myself; I recognize that all transformations must begin somewhere. So, I hope you receive the following in the spirit in which I intend. That being the one of sharing my thoughts about where your captions nspire my mind to "fill-in-the-blanks" presented by your use of "..." at the end of each of your texts. Not to mention explaining the presence of some very perky/delicious titties which appear in your choice of images.

    "... "See?" he whispered, guiding your manicured fingers to the swelling manhood in his pants as you felt the glued-on breast-forms in his g-f's top become less 'form' and more breast- clinging to your stiffening nipples, along with your own member! ..."

    "...or 'hid' your consciousness from what you knew was about to happen under the effect of whatever was in those drinks, while pulling your spaghetti-string top down to free your new tits. Letting them hang below your slender torso while your room-mate's hand slid from the crack of your inflated ass-cheeks and between your smooth thighs to rub the rigid 'clit' now straining for release from his g-f's tight short-shorts!
    "Now, give me what's been missing from my girlfriend's fine flesh!" he growled, pulling her shorts from your wider hips and spreading your legs to move his head in and begin sucking your highly-aroused she-cock! ..."

    "...and an enticement to ensure his compliance with your request to turn the volume down. An enticement he seemed quite ready to take advantage of as he invited you inside and took-hold of your smooth, feminine-looking body. ..."

    "... Masculine noises that assured her your status as the sissy-cuckold she and your neighbor both wanted would be certain to follow this night of loud, and profound, changes in your life! ..."

    A: "... Too astonished by the female form your body assumed as he stripped your wife's clothes from you and squeezed the tender breasts left by the spell she had cast upon them to bring your desires to fruition.

    B: "... even though the repairman laid some serious pipe deep inside the new plumbing your beloved's spell had created inside your - now identical to hers - body! ..."

    So; There's a sample of what might follow some of your captions, Afterdark. If my "epELLEogues" are not to your liking, please, let me know, sweetie!


  2. Bruh its not supposed to be guy turning into a girl its guy crisscrossed then fucked xD andi u understand making these captions takes a while but the wait for more is killing me